Enroute Networks, Inc. is a leading information technology services provider managing the IT needs and security challenges of small to medium sized businesses for more than 17 years. Enroute is based in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, and serves customers with headquarters throughout the southeast as well as in key locations across the United States and internationally.


Server Management

Enroute’s “enterprise-class” critical server and workstation services plus monitoring, alerting, and/or response and optimization services keep the Enroute NOC on top of any issues that could negatively affect your business productivity.


Cloud Services

Cloud services are not always the best solution for you applications. Enroute has examines your systems and we help you deploy them locally or cloud based on what works best for YOUR business.


Network Infastructure

Almost two decades ago Enroute began its core business of designing, installing, supporting, and monitoring network infrastructure; and today, all of the products and services we provide run on the networks we use and build. 


Unified Communication & Collaboration

The unification of all communication devices inside a single platform (hosted, cloud, or hybrid) provides seamless communications via a wide range of integrated components. Whether in the office or on the road, UC provides greater mobility, presence and contact capabilities to all devices an individual may use or have at their disposal.


Help Desk

Enroute is here to support each and every issue and question your user may have; no question or matter is too small or too big. The entire objective of the Ensure MSP Program is to provide the best technological care and assistance possible.


Managed Service Program (MSP)

An IT Managed Service Program (MSP) is an agreement with the customer that Enroute will manage your IT systems for a monthly fee.  This allows our company to staff our NOC to always be available you’re your companies IT needs….including proactive maintenance and support.