Cloud Services

Enroute knows the cloud – the good and the bad.

As a Cisco Premier Partner since 2003 and a Microsoft Partner since 2007, Enroute has a long history of success delivering Managed IT Solutions for voice and data to small and medium businesses. We know what works best for the SMB when it comes to efficient IT systems. More recently, we’ve migrated businesses to IT solutions that focus on mobile workers and flexible work environments. Cloud services are not always the best solution for you applications. Enroute has examines your systems and we help you deploy them locally or cloud based on what works best for YOUR business.

 Sure, there are many compelling reasons to move IT systems and network assets to the cloud. But is it advantageous for your business to pay the additional recurring (opex) costs for those services? Maybe. One fact to consider is that some companies operate in buildings where the connectivity does not allow them to access their data on a virtual host very efficiently. If fast Internet is not an option, the cloud is a virtual nightmare.

One other area to consider is any policy your clients or industry regulations may hold you to as the owner of public data. Yes, the security strengths of most business cloud solutions are better than many private security solutions I have seen, but compliance may simply not allow it. Another consideration is based on actual facilities used. Brokers may be valuable to us in other areas, but be careful as some cloud computing brokers simply sub-lease space from a data center and provide little if any managed services (after migration!). Enroute will help you made the right decision on what (if any) of your systems would operate better in a cloud environment, and we’ll manage those system just as we do your on-premise systems.