Managed Service Program


An IT Managed Service Program (MSP) is an agreement with the customer that Enroute will manage your IT systems for a monthly fee. This allows our company to staff our NOC to always be available your companies IT needs….including proactive maintenance and support. Proactive maintenance and support helps to prevent problems before they happen and can ensure maximum uptime and productivity of your staff and your organization. Instead of waiting until something breaks requiring you to call for support, Enroute clients who take advantage of our MSP are frequently able to mitigate system, server, network, and voice hiccups before they occur which prevents failure and loss of productivity caused by down time. With and MSP, your business can assume that all IT issues are Enroute’s problem, and you know Enroute technicians are there when you need them.

All small businesses, regardless of vertical industry, require solid network infrastructure, reliable communications, support for their server and desktop systems, and management of all IT systems. Enroute provides all of these functions under one umbrella with our Ensure suite of Network and IT outsourcing managed services.