Network Infastructure

If your business is in need of reliable voice and data infrastructure and support, we’re here for you. After-all, reliable communications will save your business both time and money. Almost 2 decades ago, Enroute began its core business of designing, installing, supporting, and monitoring network infrastructure; and today, all of the products and services we provide run on the networks we use and build. Enroute knows how important well designed and maintained “network plumbing” is to your business. Once built, Enroute keeps track of all customer network assets (LAN and WAN) to be available for technicians that need to reference them.

Enroute consistently tests and evaluates manufacturer solutions ranging from routers, switches, and firewalls to anti-spam, content-filtering, and WAN-acceleration devices, and we have the experience and expertise to recommend, install, and support those products. We have the most reliable advanced products for all businesses needs.

Enroute understands that proactive monitoring and network historical records are mandatory for preventing operational outages and to hold carriers accountable for network problems. This can only be done by internal network monitoring tools that are active and monitored 24×7. Enroute is always there.